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God help this Kid [Feb. 24th, 2006|12:19 pm]
You're only as old as you feel
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Well, we can't be sure for about three months, but Loma is pretty sure that it's a girl. Mother's have an instinct for that sort of thing. I really hope she's right. I mean a boy would be swell to, but a girl would just be the tops. I mean, I already have two boys whose asses I have to kick every day; and since it's damn near impossible to kick a girl's ass, I'll leave the disciplining to her mother, and I'll be the one to spoil her rotton. Ha. Daughters are so much fun.

Anyway, Loma's already making a list of boy and girl names. She's new to this whole pregnancy thing. It's kind of cute. Of course, all her names are so damn awful. Her top name for a boy is Juan Carlos; which is fine if the kid's last name is Garcia; but when you put it with Beneducci it sounds like a bad international incident. Her top name for a girl is Marisol! I said "what the hell kind of name is that?! Do you want the kid to have friends?!" She says "Al, it's Spanish. It's short for Maria del sol. Maria of the sun." Maria of the Sun?! God help this child. My last name is ITALIAN!!! You can't put Italian names with names like Juan Carlos or Marisol! You gotta put an Italian name, or a neutral American name or something. You can't combine ethnic names! It's like a couple who're Chinese and Jewish naming their kid Chang Rothenstein! If we have a girl, I think I'd like to name her Christina. Christina Beneducci sounds pretty I think. I haven't thought about a boy, but whatever I pick will be a hell of a lot better than Juan Carlos. Somehow I'll trick her into letting me name the kid. Crazy broad.

Catch ya later.

[User Picture]From: thegoodduke
2006-02-26 05:33 am (UTC)
Ofcourse, in that case, I'm screwed if this kid's a boy.
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